DEFINFTsApes & Yield Guild Games: AMA Recap.

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One Tuesday, 9th febraury 2021, we welcomed @gabbydizon from Yield Guild into @DEFINFTsApes telegram chat. @gabbydizon is the CEO and Co-founder of Yield Guild. He has been a game developer for the past 18years, he has been involved in the space as a game developer (Battle Racers on Decentraland) and as a player, most notably with Axie Infinity.

Yield Guild is a platform with a sole aim of onboarding millions of players from around the world into the “play-to-earn” revolution, Yield Guild Games (or YGG) as a play-to-earn guild gathers people from around the world to play different games with blockchain-based economies and have them earn from these games.

in this post, we have compiled key questions and answers from the event.

Q1. Ape Degen Nerd: Hello, Apes! We are glad to meet here @Gabby from Yield Guild, and he will start by introducing himself, giving us a short pitch of Yield Guild and his role in the project.

A. Gabby Dizon: Thank you! Happy to talk NFTs all day.

Short background — I’m a game developer for the past 18 years, and been in blockchain since 2018 because of Ethereum and smart contracts. We wanted to see how smart contracts could disrupt the game industry, and that’s when we discovered NFTs

I’ve been involved in the space as a game developer (Battle Racers on Decentraland) and as a player, most notably with Axie Infinity

Later last year we founded Yield Guild Games (or YGG) as a play-to-earn guild that gathers people from around the world to play different games with blockchain-based economies and have them earn from these games. We’ve invested in NFTs from different games such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Formula 1 Delta Time and League of Kingdoms and form groups from within our guild to play and earn from these games.

Q2. Ape Degen Nerd: What inspired Yield Games and the idea of a yield bearing gaming metaverse?

A. Gabby Dizon: It was inspired by playing Axie Infinity during the start of Covid lockdown last year. A lot of people from my country lost their jobs, and many of them had no income at all. Then people started discovering that you could play Axie Infinity and earn Small Love Potions (SLP), convert them to ETH using Uniswap, and eventually to fiat money. For a lot of our players (in the Philippines) , they earned more than their former jobs! That really inspired me to scale the onboarding of new players to Axie specifically, but to the play-to-earn Metaverse in general. I think in the future more and more jobs will be purely virtual, and we will be earning our living through jobs in Metaverse economies like Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games.

Q3. Ape Degen Nerd: Before we start into Yield Guild proper, Gabby can you explain in layman’s terms what are NFTs to DEFINFTs Degen Apes.

A. Gabby Dizon: Sure! NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique tokens that can be found on the blockchain, as opposed to fungible tokens like cryotocurrencies that are not distinguishable from one another (like BTC or ETH). A non-fungible token can represent many things, but the most popular ones are currently games items and artwork.

Q4. Ape Degen Nerd: What are the use-cases and utilities of NFTs, fo sho gaming is one, can you state some others Yield Guild will take advantage of?

A. Gabby Dizon: So at Yield Guild we have bought 286 parcels of land in the game League of Kingdoms, it is a strategy mobile game like Clash of Clans but the land NFT owners can earn some of the income produced by the game in the form of DAI. We also have thousands of Axies that we rent out to players in what is called a “scholarship program”, they use the rented Axies to play the game and earn SLP and the earnings are split between the player and the guild.

Q5. Ape Degen Nerd: Can you tell us more about Yield Guild affiliation with Axie Infinity the scholarship program and how the DEFINFTsApes community can start out to be part of this?

A. Gabby Dizon: Yield Guild is a close partner of Axie, we help make the game more accessible to players who cannot afford to buy their first 3 Axies to play the game. Especially with high ETH prices, a lot of players would want to try the game out for free before buying their own. You can hop on to our Discord server and say hi, and check out all of the different games we are currently playing. The floor price is something like 0.03 Ethereum, which did not used to be a lot of money. That’s now around $50! And you need 3 to form a team.

Q6. Ape Degen Nerd: How does Yield Guild plan on managing the high gas problems of Ethereum (expensive fees) and will you be using the new Axie Infinity’s Ronin sidechain?

A. Gabby Dizon: L2 is definitely the future of blockchain games. For Axie specifically, we’re excited about the move to Ronin chain. A lot of the games we are working with are moving to L2s such as Matic Network. Ronin is Axie’s own sidechain, and is already operational — Axie land and item marketplace have already moved there. It has its own wallet similar to Metamask and is fully EVM compatible. We expect to deploy contracts on Ronin that will help our guild members play Axie better 😊. The gameplay itself is off chain, but the assets are on chain.

Q7. Ape Degen Nerd: How is the Yield Guild Metaverse coming along, any partner gaming projects.

A. Gabby Dizon: Apart from our land investment in League of Kingdoms, we also have a land estate in The Sandbox and expect to build our guild headquarters there in the future! We’re also about to announce an eSports team for a popular blockchain game really soon.

Q8. Ape Degen Nerd: Any funding achievement and milestones you can share? Does the project have a platform token or tokens, and has Yield Guild offered some of these tokens for sale? Do you think there will be another token offering event for the platform token in the coming future? Can you share you Tokenmetrics?

A. Gabby Dizon: No announcements there yet, but we will definitely have more news to share on that in the near future 😊😊😊.

Q9. Ape Degen Nerd: How do I get involved in Yield Guild Games?

A. It’s as simple as hopping on to our Discord: All players are welcome, and they community is very welcoming of newbies. We’d love to have your community over 😊.

Q10. Ape Degen Nerd: Any roadmap you can share?

A. We’ll be launching a website soon where you can be a registered guild member by obtaining a guild NFT badge, and there will be lots of cool stuff that you can get from playing om different games that we are partnered with.

Thank you @gabbydizon for such detailed and interesting answers!

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