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Here’s a quick summary of both:



  • Long term

Last presale price — $0.1

Current price — $0.28 (x1.8)

Target price: $1

  • 1 ETH: 4212.72 CNFI
  • Fully diluted Market Cap: $31,632,205.72
  • Circulating Supply: 22,000,000 CNFI (from admins)
  • Circulating Market Cap: $6,160,000
  • Total Supply: 108,500,000 CNFI
  • Pooled CNFI: 3,443,111.86 CNFI (3.17%)

There are multiple cryptocurrency debit cards on the market right now including, Wirexapp, TenX, and NEXO. The issue is that these crypto cards are essentially debit cards that force you to liquidate crypto to fiat with no path back. These models don’t allow you to hold your crypto and maintain control over how, and when, you convert your assets into fiat.

Introducing Connect Finance which is the first true cryptocurrency Visa Credit Card. Once you deposit cryptocurrency into your Connect Finance account you will be extended a line of credit. The credit options are as follows:

A) Equal to 50% of the value of your deposited crypto funds
B) Equal to 100% of the value when currency is in stable coins

This allows you to keep holding your crypto, whilst enabling you to spend freely with your card. This simple (yet revolutionary) change separates Connect Finance apart from its competitors and puts them at the forefront of crypto credit technology; removing the need for exchanging, or depositing, currency prior to spending.

Comprehensive Research:

❗️ More research on $CNFI:

Token Utility:

Holders list:

Liquidity and Team Token lock:


Summary: The team is fairly anonymous and a lot of people have extended their worries on this. Here is the team reply to this topic, -

“Some people feel it’s important to have a fully visible team, and we agree. We have strategic reasons at the moment for the slow team release. Once we have firmly established the product and have a gained market share we’ll be releasing more information. Otherwise, we could lose some element of how it’s pieced together. The Chief Compliance Officer has been announced (Ryan Mueller), the Partnership Development Manager has been announced (Terry G.), Lead Smart Contract Dev, Finance Officer, three Advisors, and CEO will be announced in the future. Some members like junior devs will remain anon. Correct, and also the team isn’t anonymous to their partners such as axion and trust swap.”

The team response on Team tokens and Liquidity unlock schedule, -

“The rest? They are locked with Certain tranches will release in about 90 days but they will be fed into the governance contract for disbursement as needed and approved. So they will remain locked up for the DAO to approve disbursement. On the new token portal, we are building in metrics to show tokens in each tranche and track balances available, for an easy to view summary.”

On Staking lock-up requirement for a Card, -

“It will be a minimum of 6 months otherwise, anyone could stake and withdraw after receiving the card. 😉Also, once you unstake there will be a period of time before you will be downgraded. I think the card will arrive to you soon after you registered it and proved you have staked the number of tokens, and you can start using it immediately, even before the card arrives, they mentioned that it will be supported on apple pay too I think. After unstaking you keep your full benefits for another 6 months.”

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Team Funds 1 Year Lockup:

Team Finance Liquidity Lockup:

Official Links

Official Website:
Official Discord- Main Community Group:
Official Telegram Channel:
Official Announcement-
Official Twitter:
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Official Youtube:



  • Short term

Last presale price — 1 ETH = 8 BBP

Current price — 1 ETH = 3.49 BBP (x2.29)

Target price: 1 ETH = 1 BBP

  • Fully diluted Market Cap: $3,765,811.02
  • Total Supply:10,000 BBP
  • Pooled BBP: 28.72%

itbot is a protocol that democratizes the power of trading bots so anyone can access fractional reserves of their perspective returns. In order to interact with the protocol, users can purchase tokens that are staked as LP’s forever for the perspective bot of their choice. Once tokens are staked, they can never be removed creating a deflationary supply starting from 10,000 BBP tokens. The returns from the bots are shared with the token holders in Ethereum rewards.

Token holders can chose from bots powered by Stacked Invest or, for those with a little more sense of adventure, you can use our own proprietary bots.

❗️ More research on $CNFI:

Token Utility:

Holders list:

Liquidity and Team Token lock:

BBQ Holders and Unlock event.

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⚙️3rd Party KYC
Our team has completed a third-party KYC with EmergeDefi

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These are two projects you all should be keeping a keen eye on as we approach launch. Both are expected to launch in the next few days.



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